Which group is right for me?

Riders at Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days (SMSP Ride Days) must book into a group appropriate for their riding ability. Booking into the wrong group risks your personal safety and the safety of others. Individuals found to be in deliberate violation of this rule could be removed from the Ride Day and/or future Ride Days.

Please note
Group speeds may still vary considerably on any given day – please consult with the Ride Day Manager or Registration staff if you feel uncomfortable riding in your selected group. SMSP Ride Days reserves the right to shift riders between groups at our discretion. These decisions will generally be safety related.

WHITE – Newcomers

Never done a Ride Day? Consider yourself a steady road rider? Getting back into bikes after some time off? Then this is the group for you. This group includes a mentor for the day and coach-led sighting laps of the track to help build you into the day. Enjoy the freedom of track riding, without the pressure to ride faster than you feel comfortable.

YELLOW – Medium Group

Do you want to enjoy a ride day, but don't have a lot of experience, or a desire to push your bike hard? Then this is a good group to ride in. Medium to steady level road riders will find a home here.

GREEN – Medium-fast Group

If you have a few SMSP Ride Days under the belt and/or have undertaken a lot of formal rider training, and find you are doing a lot of overtaking in the Medium group, then this is where you should ride.

RED – Fast Group

If you're a very experienced and fast track rider, you know the SMSP layout and/or race regularly, then this is the Group for you.