Arrive! Welcome!

  • Ride/drive in front gate. Gates open at 7.00am. You will be welcomed by gate staff and directed to the Pit Paddock area.
  • SMSP Ride Day staff greet you at the Paddock gate, then assist you to park in a Garage on a first-come, first-served basis. Note that some garages will have been reserved for particular groups. First-timers have exclusive access to garages 42-46. Reserved garages will be clearly identified by signs.


  • Check-in occurs in Suite 9. If you have printed your Registration Form and already filled it in, simply hand this in at the Check-in Desk, show your riding licence and sign in for the day. You will need to complete an application for a Motorcycling Australia Day Licence (required for non-MA licence holders). Registration Forms can also be completed on the day and our friendly staff will take you through the paperwork. Note that participants who currently hold a Senior MA Competition or Recreational Licence can apply for a $20 rebate. You will fill in a rebate request form at Check-in and you can collect your rebate between 10am and 4pm on the Ride Day.

Have your bike checked

  • Once you are signed on, take your bike to the Scrutineering bay located in Garage 24. We recommend you read the Scrutineering Checklist prior to attending your Ride Day. Our Scrutineers are there to help you enjoy your Ride Day on a safe bike for you and others. We recommend you arrive trackside with a bike that meets our Scrutineering Checklist, so you don’t face any difficulties or delays in getting on track.
  • Note that you can have your bike scrutineered first and then complete Check-in. This may help with reducing any queues. Either way, it shouldn’t take too long to get through Check-in and Scrutineering.

Attend the compulsory Riders’ Briefing

  • Once you have Checked-in and have completed scrutineering, it’s time to head to the Garage Café, located above Garage 50 and near Pit Exit, grab a coffee and await the start of the compulsory Rider’s Briefing, held in the Garage Cafe at 8:30am. This is a critical part of the day and all participants are required to sign-out at the end of the Riders’ Briefing to acknowledge their attendance and understanding.
  • The Riders’ Briefing will cover all of the information you need to know for an enjoyable day, including safety information, track rules and additional services available throughout the day such as workshop and tyre services, the official photography service etc.
  • At the conclusion of the Riders’ Briefing, First-timers and Newcomers are invited to head to Garage 46 for an additional briefing which can be a bit more leisurely than the Riders’ Briefing and cover all of the other sorts of things that Regulars already know such as track etiquette , and give you time to ask all of the questions that might still be running around your mind. You will be able to observe the activity at Pit Exit as the first Group starts their riding session.

Now for the Riding!!

  • Once your sessions start, at 9am you will enjoy 6 riding sessions of approximately 20 minutes each, conditions permitting.
  • Note that first-timers in both the White and Yellow Groups will have one sighting lap of the circuit at the start of their first sessions led by the “First-timers” coach/mentor to allow you to get a good idea of the layout of the circuit including identifying where flag marshalls are located.
  • Sessions are announced by loudspeaker, with a 5 minute preparation call. Coloured session markers are displayed at the exit of pit lane.
  • Click here to see a schedule of all riding sessions.

Other good stuff!

  • In between sessions, you can take your bike for a suspension assessment, head to The Garage for a corner talk, or approach a SMSP Ride Day mentor for some advice or help with anything to do with your Ride Day.
  • You can check out our tyre service and workshop area in Garages 23 and 25 or the Photography service located in the paddock area.
  • The Garage Café above Garage 50 not only offers a great view of pit lane and Turn One, but also top-level coffee and food, as well as beer and wine for non-Ride Day participants only. Enjoy!