Newcomers & first-timers

We want riders new to Ride Days to be able to enjoy the experience and freedom of track riding, without the intimidation such a day can sometimes bring. If you are coming to a Ride Day for the first time you will probably notice that many of the other participants are regulars who really seem to know what they are doing.

We can help you learn how to get the most out of the day. People at all levels of ability, and on all sorts of bikes and with different ambitions and aspirations can enjoy riding on the track. The track is for everyone! That’s why riders on track are grouped according to experience, skill and ambition.

We will help you to fit in and feel like you belong. To do so, we will be drawing on over 35 years of experience in rider training at all levels from licensing to Advanced and Performance Track-based courses. Listed below is what to expect at your first SMSP Ride Day:

Exclusive Newcomer garaging

If you would like to join us in the Newcomers garage area (Garages 42-46), we can help guide you through the day, answer questions and get you help with your riding and cornering lines if required.

An Instructor dedicated to you for the Day

One of our highly experienced Instructors will be assigned to your group for the entire day, and will be available at the end of each session to answer questions, and provide useful input and insights.

An additional Riders Briefing for Newcomers

Immediately after the initial Riders Briefing, we will move to the Newcomers Garage area (Garage 46) for a more relaxed briefing from your Instructor. The Instructor will cover track etiquette in more detail than is covered in the general Rider and Safety Briefing. You will be provided with some general tips about warming up your tyres at the start of each riding session, posture and vision etc. You will be able to observe the action in the Pit Exit area as the early groups start their riding sessions, so there won’t be too many surprises when your turn comes.

Sighting laps

At the start of your first riding session, your Instructor will lead you around the circuit for one full lap at a steady pace. This is designed to allow you to get a good look at the circuit, where it goes, all of the corners and to see where the flag marshals are located. You will realise that the circuit is just the widest lane with the best tar surface that you are ever likely to ride on!

Whiteboard Talks

During the day, and in between your riding sessions, your Instructor may arrange to provide some additional workshops in your exclusive garage area. These short sessions might be on topics such as basic suspension adjustments, specific corners on the track, or other questions that your group may raise after your riding sessions.

By the end of the day, we hope that you have “had a ball”, feel like you belong and are looking forward to your next Ride Day!