Twilight Sessions



5pm doesn’t mean the fun goes down at SMSP Ride Days! During Daylight Saving (AEST) hours, we are pleased to offer a range of Twilight courses and Ride Day extensions at a great price. Whether you want more riding time in your day (and who doesn’t?), want to improve your cornering or just have one of our experienced coaches have a close look at your riding, we have a Twilight session for you!

Follow Sessions $159

One of the most popular components of our track courses are the Follow Sessions - and now you can enjoy the individual feedback from our race-bred coaches at a Twilight Session! Each rider has the opportunity to follow our Coach to learn cornering lines, body position, braking and turn-in points, before roles are reversed and the Coach follows you. You are then given individual feedback on your riding, given some points to work on, and the chance to do so. Then we do it all again! You can’t get such individual feedback anywhere else - book in and find out for yourself! It’s a great way to finish a SMSP Ride Day, and can even work well the evening before your Ride Day (where dates allow).

Corner Craft $159

You don’t know a corner until you have walked it, talked it, seen it attacked by a weapons-grade Coach and then ridden it yourself. On top of all that, we then offer comprehensive feedback. We take small groups out onto SMSP and talk them through two corners, mark lines, watch demonstrations of the right and wrong line and then practice it as Coaches watch on. It’s not all about that one corner of course, what you learn applies to many turns, but it’s a great way to improve your riding overall, as well as around SMSP.

Ride Day Extension $89

Six sessions just not enough for you? This option allows you to add two 20 minute sessions to your day, for a total of eight glorious rides. We have capped numbers, so there’s more room to play in each session and all the standard SMSP Ride Day services are available. It also means you have a traffic-free run on the way home... Time-poor riders wanting to book just two sessions are welcome, too!